Suzi Sparham - Bristol Psychotherapist

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  • "there is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you"....Maya Angelou


During the current Covid19 crisis, I am offering all clinical services using an online platform or the telephone. 

This includes group and individual therapy, supervision and reflective practice groups.

Please Contact me if you would like to have an assessment by telephone or online using Zoom.


Psychotherapist in Bristol

My name is Suzi Sparham - welcome to my website.

All of us face difficulties in life, when things may seem hard to manage, and it may be hard to know where to turn for support.  I am a psychotherapist with a breadth of experience in helping people from all walks of life make positive changes in their lives.

Why Therapy?

It may be that you are searching for answers to current problems, or particular issues such as bereavement and loss, depression, stress and anxiety or relationship problems.

Or you may have reached a moment in your life when you wish to explore more deeply what it is that holds you back from a living a more creative and fulfilled life. 

Either way, talking to a psychotherapist can be an important step in helping you to resolve old issues, finding new ways of managing life's problems more constructively and moving on with your life in a more healthy and balanced way. 

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