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“…… life contains great and deep pleasure and satisfaction, but inevitably is weighted on the side of suffering.  The aim of a true therapy should be for the patient to be better able to avoid unnecessary suffering, to avoid creating more suffering,”

                                                                                                                                                                                                 Foulkes, My Philosophy in Psychotherapy, Founder of group analytic psychotherapy

Group Analytic Psychotherapy:

My group programme includes both long term and short term theme focussed groups:

Why a Group?

As human beings we are all born into a group. Sometimes our relationships may be problematic or difficult. Group analytic psychotherapy aims to help you improve the way you relate with others and with the world around you, which will support you in living a more connected, more social and happier life.

Long term groups:

What Happens:

Group analytic psychotherapy requires you to attend meetings once or twice a week on an ongoing basis. There are usually up to eight group members plus the group facilitator, and members are asked to limit contact to group sessions only, so that the safe and confidential nature of the group can be maintained.

How can it help:

You will be able to share your problems in the group, where you will be able to receive and offer support and encouragement. You will have the opportunity to gain deeper understanding of your issues from hearing different perspectives from other group members. You will be able to develop meaningful relationships in the group and this will increase your ability to see yourself as others see you, as well as helping you to understand other people better.

It might be that you feel that your problems are unique or that you have no-one with whom you can share them. Coming to a group can offer you a chance to share your problems and concerns with others, so you will start to feel less isolated and alone. Joining a therapy group can help improve both your social and intimate relationships in all spheres of life and thus support the process of change, which in turn will help you to achieve greater happiness and fulfilment.

The process of deep and lasting change is sometimes slow and you may expect to attend a group for about two years.

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