Suzi Sparham - Bristol Psychotherapist

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Staff support and consultancy

Reflective practice:

I believe that a space for reflecting on our work and time to think, is of fundamental importance. I provide a safe and confidential space in which it is possible to reflect on and to process both work with clients and dynamics within teams, as well as across the wider organisation.

I have over 15 years experience of offering reflective practice or work reflection groups in organisational settings such as the NHS, as well as in statutory, voluntary and charity sectors.

Please contact me for further details of what I can offer.

Work reflection groups:

I currently offer work reflection groups as one of the services offered by Group Analysis South West.

These are planned in blocks of a time limited number of sessions held fortnightly for 1.5 hours, which offer a space in which to reflect on work and how it may impact on our practice. They are open to anyone who would like to explore their work in a safe and confidential setting, and are run on a Balint group style model.

Balint groups:

I often use a Balint group style of presentation for consultancy and supervision. This is a structured method of presenting work initially devised by Michael Balint for medical professionals. A Balint group is an experiential, small group activity in which participants discuss cases from their practice with a focus on the relationship between clinician and client.


I have extensive experience of training over many years.  I offer training seminars on clinical trainings in group analysis and on supervision courses.

Other recent work includes training in complex personality disorder to staff in the prison estate, and in probation settings


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